Unity Integration Documentation
  • 1. API Key
Register your app on revenapp platform for obtaining API key
  • 2. Download Unity package

Download latest Revenapp Unity package with all the new features and integration here

  • 3. Integration Setup
  • 3.1 Requirements
  • Unity 5+

  • Android API 16+

  • IOS is temporarily not supported

Build projects with RevenappSDK must be done using the Gradle system.
It is also not recommended to use the Minify or Proguard option.
  • 3.2 Prepare your App

Возможно здесь можно описать процедуру активации приложения на сайте

  • 3.3 Import Plugin

Double click on the unity package to import it into your project. The package contains an example script inside.
[Android]: For Android, your project will probably hit ‘dex limit’ and application won’t compile. To solve this issue you will have to Enable Multidex.

Описание multi-dex`a (как включить)

  • 3.4 SDK Initialization

Before loading ads, initialize the revenapp SDK by calling Revenapp.Init() with your app key. Your app key can be found on appmediation website inside “MY APPS” tab of your account.

Import namespace:

using RevenappSDK;


Revenapp.Init("You application id key");

  • 3.5 Interstitial Ads

Before displaying advertising, you must ensure initialization (optional)


Check for the availability of a certain type of advertising:

Revenapp.IsAdReady(AdType type)

To display an advertisement call the method and pass the type of advertisement.

Revenapp.ShowAd(AdType adtype)

Types of ads:

public enum AdType

Example call Interstitial Ad:

if (Revenapp.IsInitializedSDK())
 if (Revenapp.IsAdReady(AdType.Interstitial))

  • 3.6 Rewarded Video

Example call RewardedVideo Ad:

if (Revenapp.IsInitializedSDK())
 if (Revenapp.IsAdReady(AdType.RewardedVideo))

  • 3.7 Banner Ads

To display a banner, you need to call the method Revenapp.ShowAd(AdType) of the pass parameter AdType.Banner and specify the position (AdPosition).

if (Revenapp.IsInitializedSDK())
 if (Revenapp.IsAdReady(AdType.Banner))
public enum AdPosition
 Top = 16,
 Bottom = 8,
 Default = -32

The method hides the last banner from the displayed.


  • 4. Advanced Features
  • 4.1 Test Mode

Test mode provides functionality to display test ads for integration testing and 100% fill.


a5e44da68c6b84561d0906479774e14f - application id that was created for the test display of advertisements.

  • 4.2 Test scene

The Assets/RevenappSDK folder contains the test scene RevenappExampleScene, where you can see an example of working with the SDK.

  • 4.3 Manual ad caching

After initialization with a certain frequency determines the availability and accessibility to call advertising.
The default frequency is 10 seconds (minimum value).
To set this value manually, call the AutoCacheDelay(int) method, passing the parameter the desired frequency in seconds.